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Hello, and welcome to ‘Self Technology Solutions’. The term Self Technology is something that I refer to that can help in finding a better you, to improve your self-esteem, provide confidence whilst reducing stress and anxiety.

I’ve discovered that with a little patience and lots of dedication there are many natural weapons at your disposal that you can add to your arsenal that will provide long-term, beneficial results to lower anxiety and build your confidence in the process.

Have you ever wondered what living a life with less anxiety and stress would feel like? Are you looking to enjoy that pleasant feeling of waking up with a fresh, revitalised outlook on your future? If your answer is yes, I encourage you to read on…

First and foremost, there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach or magic wand that will eradicate 100% of your problems at once (or if there is I haven’t found it yet!) but in my devoted, tried and tested opinion, if you follow the advice of this website and combine products, services and ideologies that we recommend, you’ll for sure soon see your stress and anxiety plummet to an all-time low and a ‘new you’ will begin to shine and take back that enjoyment in life that we all crave!

I believe, or should I say, I know from my experience that in order to see a reduction in problems and produce a healthy state of mind, integrating several natural remedies and techniques is the best method to free yourself from the big anxieties and stresses that can plague us for many, many years.

To reiterate, we must amalgamate various natural methods in order to ease symptoms and in long-term, diminish stress and anxiety for good!

Pharmaceutical measures, for me, just had little effect, I was looking for solutions that would;

  1. work!
  2. Not place added stress on my mind and body
  3. Not create horrendous side effects
  4. Nourish and enhance, mentally and physically
  5. Help others find relief from similar anxiety issues

Growing up with stress and anxiety

For many years as a teenager and young adult, I dealt with anxiety and a lack of confidence that held me back from achieving the things I’d dreamed of. I cannot remember the day when I decided things had to change, but I know that day came and ever since I’ve spent literally years searching for and deploying methods or ‘Self Technologies’ that would help me to reach my personal goals and desires.

So what changed?

One thing that fundamentally helped to improve my mindset and outlook on life was hypnotherapy. The benefit I’ve found from it was enormous and in itself, the treatment is completely relaxing and enjoyable. I found that my life was beginning to improve and after each session I attended, I couldn’t help but reap the new found ‘I can do this’ attitude it was helping me to uncover.

The success I felt has such an impact, I wanted to learn about hypnosis and change work, I wanted to be able to help others with this real-world magic that was unfolding before my very eyes!

The great thing about hypnosis is, you can use methods for self-improvement in your own home and it’s simply astonishing what you can do for yourself, once you know how. I’m now a qualified professional and clinical hypnotherapist and these skills are with me for life.

NLP or, Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a tool I learned which put simply, can help to turn off or decrease the recurring thought patterns that can hamper your sense of wellbeing and some tricks of the trade are vital in the process of using Self Technologies to improve your way of life.

To complement the hypnotherapy and NLP, I cannot recommend enough discovering reiki. Reiki or, ‘universal energy’ is the art of self-repair or energy healing, this alone, can significantly improve your health and even mainstream science is beginning to accept the tangible benefit its treatment can bring.

Alongside the above and one of the latest and strongest allies in the promotion of self-optimisation is the use of natural essential and CBD oils. Since I’ve been using these oils regularly, their synergies have assisted my mental clarity ten-fold and bring yet more health benefits, that can help you and your family daily in many ways. Please have a look at my post on CBD here

Where am I now? – Well, I jumped out of a plane for one!

Since using the combination or what I like to call the ‘Synergy and Balance Design’ method to augment many Self Technologies, my life has fallen into place.

Many negativities have been removed and goals I find are now very achievable and looking back, I am now in a much more productive and proactive state of focus and see a monumental reduction in anxiety and stress.

Fears I didn’t think would ever be overcome are now distant memories, (like pictured above!)  it really is possible to make good, positive and lasting changes in your life, whatever these may be!

I have now migrated to Australia from London with my family, gained my qualification in Professional and Clinical Hypnotherapy, practice Reiki at second degree regularly as well as becoming a licensed practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, having been trained by the co-founder’s (Richard Bandler) professional supporting team.

Having the ability to use natural Self Technologies such as the mentioned above has improved my life significantly, so much so I am now ready to educate and share my knowledge, in doing so helping others to reach their true potentials.

How can I help improve your life?

I am looking to create an environment here at Self Technology Solutions, whereby people experiencing stress and anxiety can listen to others, share experiences and create a community to bring people together, in essence, creating yet another Self Technology.

I am now offering tailored and mobile, Reiki, Hypnotherapy and NLP sessions in order to bring about change in the lives of people who share similar issues I once dealt with, so I can relate to problems that hamper everyday life. My style is, modern, direct and diverse by utilising Self Technologies for lasting relief.

All the best with your journey and please contact me personally should you want to book healing sessions or for any further information or advice.

Kris Neale, DIP I CPH
Licensed NLP Practitioner
Founder – Self Technology Solutions  



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