Anxiety – It’s REAL

I’d like to talk to you about anxiety and how it affected my life on a daily basis, this isn’t intended as an autobiography by any means, but sometimes I do think about how difficult and challenging it was, just to get through a day when dealing with anxiety.

I am hoping my words may inspire you if you are suffering from anxiety and looking to discover some natural methods to reduce and take back control over your mind and your anxiety symptoms!

Remembering Anxiety – Many Moons Ago

One particular night or morning should I say, I remember waking up thinking, “Hold on a minute, it was only minutes ago I was not able to sleep because of worrying so much, now I’ve woken up at 5 am and I am still worrying”.

“What am I going to do if I get embarrassed at that wedding on Saturday”

“Did they really mean that today at work, or was it a joke”

“Why am I feeling like this, what is wrong with me?”

It was like a constant battle with worry, questions and who will triumph in the latest anxiety saga, me or it!

The anxiety consumed me, and would sometimes reveal itself at night just when I am was trying to ‘rest’ it was like trying to sleep next to a 24-hour nightclub by your side!

The Wave of Anxiety

Coming home and trying to relax after work as a young man was an ordeal in itself, exhaustion would set in, but not necessary from work, but from trying to tame the negative and critical thoughts my mind would force upon me.

Just trying to keep that at bay felt like a full-time position in itself. Sometimes it felt like the anxiety ‘peak’ would last so long that when it subsided, it was as though a ten-tonne weight had been removed from my shoulders!

Anyone suffering from anxiety will know the feeling of utter relief when the ‘worry shroud’ is lifted from the day’s worries and ‘what ifs’ pass it really does feel like you’ve been at war but inside your head.

Many times I have been quizzed on exactly what anxiety feels like, but being such a complex and diverse hamper to your life, sometimes finding the words to even explain it becomes a puzzle hard to complete.

This is usually when the cliche. ‘Oh just pull yourself together’ or… ‘it will be alright’ is often offered to you as words of comfort. If only it was as easy as that, if it were, I’d be doing it, just shaking off anxiety like snow from a winter jacket

Having Anxiety in Adolescence

The time when feeling so alienated from the population and possibly when anxiety decides to manifest and take hold is when the occurrence of puberty takes place. Among the new physical changes and emotional stress, you find the added burden of constant worry and acceptance to be an additional toll on your mind stress levels and this sometimes, is just too much of a burden to cope with.

If not dealt with promptly, these stresses can embed anxiety very deeply and in many cases, teenagers with untreated anxiety find long term effects stay with them well into adulthood and beyond.

“Why am I so different? Why do I worry about things that my friends find so easy?” “What can I do to feel normal, like everybody else?” was a very regular conversation I’d have with my conscious mind most days.
If I was aware of how to deal with anxiety when I was young, I wouldn’t have had such a bad time getting through and ‘surviving’ anxiety for all those years as I did.

How can I help my children with Anxiety?

My advice to parents who have children or teenagers that are showing signs of developing anxiety would be;

  • Sleep – I simply cannot stress this enough, there is a direct relationship with quality of sleep and anxiety, see here for more
  • Sauna use – By using a sauna regularly cortisol levels
    can be massively reduced, which reduces anxiety!
  • Reiki – Introduce youngsters to reiki, this self-healing very relaxing treatment is a must for anxiety
  • Essential Oils – Lavender, Wild Orange, Frankincense – BIG anxiety assassins!
  • CBD Oil – What a big player this amazing oil has become, millions now finding relief from its use

The above are some techniques I suggest here at Self Technology Solutions, that when used as a combination, can produce some outstanding results for decreasing your anxiety and sometimes eradicating it completely from your life.

Life after Anxiety

If I were to sit here and suggest that I never feel anxiety anymore, that obviously would be a complete lie, I do still sometimes feel anxious, but the triggers for me now are so few and far between but the real success is in how my mind is able to react when confronted with these anxiety triggering scenarios!

I speak to many people who are very caught up in the notion that, anxiety can never be beaten and to some extent, that may be true.

But anxiety can very much be lessened and instead of the regular thought-provoking episodes of insomnia and panic that I referred to at the beginning of this post, thoughts can be replaced to more of a can-do and “So what, I’ll deal with it” kind of attitude that is so awesome and contagious.

I am glad that the stigma around anxiety is starting to become unravelled and the population globally seem to have a better understanding that anxiety is as real as you and I and long may that continue.

If you’d like to read more about my story, please see here and please comment below on your stories of anxiety as we’d love to hear them.

You can also reach out to me directly if you’d like some tailored advice on how to use my techniques and methods to get a hold on your anxiety and start living the life, you deserve!

Stay safe,

Kris Neale, DIP I CPH
Licensed NLP Practitioner
Founder – Self Technology Solutions







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