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I am always on the lookout for anxiety information or publications, whether it be from mainstream media, science, alternative practices and even from my social life. I do take a particular interest when celebrities come forward and talk about their sometimes ongoing, battle with anxiety.

It’s a sad fact that people only take note and attention about anxiety when somebody famous takes to social media to reflect on it. Having said that, on the other hand, at least the awareness and more importantly, understanding around anxiety is being brought to the world’s attention.

Recently, Emma stone has decided to speak out around her anxiety suffering and being just seven years old when she experienced her first panic attack, and for absolutely anyone, that’s hard to deal with, let alone being under the spotlight from the world’s press!

Being constantly in the spotlight must be particularly challenging and I was quite touched to read that Emma had decided to confide in Jenifer Lawrence about her anxiety issues.

The reason this struck with me is that, and this applies to whatever your life circumstances may be, is that it’s so important to converse about your anxiety to friends and family, so much is gained even from just getting it off your chest and sometimes great relief can be found from knowing you have support from friends, family and loved ones.

Stone has found benefit from speaking out about her anxiety by saying it helps her to “own it and realize that this is something that is part of me but it’s not who I am,”

This is what we must remind ourselves frequently, anxiety doesn’t rule us and if you take control of it and decide you want to change, then it can be very easy to find relief and start living your life, the way you want to live it.

I love the fact that Stone has decided to help raise awareness around anxiety and she has been part of the advertising panel for the ‘Child Mind’ institute, an independent non-profit organisation designed to help children and their families who are dealing with mental health and learning difficulties.

Emma Stone is just but one of many stars who have taken comfort from speaking out about the anxiety issues, the huge megastar Adele, also has been quoted as saying “I have anxiety attacks, constant panicking on stage, my heart feels like it’s going to explode because I never feel like I am going to deliver, ever”

The list goes on with David Beckham, Kirsten Stewart, Britney Spears and Ellie Goulding all to be documented as suffering from different types of anxiety!

So we really are not suffering alone, anxiety is such a silent yet hampering condition and if not treated to a manageable level, it can spiral out of control leading onto other assortments of mental health conditions, including depression.

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Or to visit the Child Mind Institute, please click here

Natural Anxiety Medication

Many people nowadays, including A-list celebrities, are turning to natural methods to alleviate their anxiety and this is primarily because it is now possible, by using multiple methods, to replicate and even surpass the anxiety-relieving effects of pharmaceutical-based medicines but without suffering from the horrendous side effects they can produce.

Not only that, some new types of solutions that many people are now using for anxiety, are able to provide massive overall health benefits to the user that there really are so many good, positive reasons to ditch the pills and opt for a natural product.

Many natural anxiety medications do not have to break the bank and you can see some absolutely incredible results. It does take some commitment and time to start to see a reduction but that doesn’t mean it is not possible to reduce anxiety significantly without using pharmaceutical based medications.

Hemp oil for anxiety – natural and beneficial

Now, you may have become aware of the recent explosive promotion of what hemp oil is capable of, and rightly so. The hemp compound has been so underused and gained such a poor reputation due to obvious reasons that it’s just such a shame that hemp-based products are only now just getting the recognition they deserve!

The fact is, is that these new to the market CBD hemp oils are helping so many people with such huge problems that the mainstream science world and media, can no longer ignore the potential of this wonderful, natural healing agent. Anxiety, stress, cancer, epilepsy, depression, pain, panic attacks etc.

There are so many ailments that people should be using this oil for. To see what oil we have been using here at Self Technology Solutions check out the review here

Guided Meditation for anxiety 

I have spoken to literally hundreds of people who have said that one of the best natural anxiety medications is to actively meditate.

Completely natural and safe to do, many people who are seasoned meditators are reporting that they are now free of anxiety and stress and have found a new calm, focused and relaxed persona about them.

Now, meditation can take many years to perfect, but I have stumbled across various products that mimic mediation and with the use of new technology we can all begin to become ‘Zen’ with the amazing mind machine!

Mind machines, in a nutshell, are designed to produce the effects of meditation but for the novice. You basically pop on some glasses and headphones and away you go! Sounds so relaxing, doesn’t it?!

Many stress and anxiety sufferers are finding that with regular use of these mind machines, their symptoms can be dramatically reduced in the long term, but it’s not only that… Quality of sleep has also been significantly improved, and if you have read other articles here at Self Technology Solutions, you’ll know that quality of sleep is something we feel is fundamentally important when looking to reducing stress and anxiety!

One of the best and most cost-effective ‘Mind Machines’ that we have come across is the ‘Mindplace Procyon AVS System Light and Sound Meditation Mind Machine’. 

Now as this is a wearable device, the first thing we wanted to ensure was that it was adjustable and not a ‘one size fits all’ and the Procyon is completely adjustable with the use of a small screwdriver, so no worries there!

The customer service feedback I’ve heard about is also second to none, so if you do have questions, you’ll have them answered in a timely and helpful manner, another solid tick for the Procyon!

Once you are ready to go, you’ll find such relaxation from using the product itself by being presented with an array of visuals all designed to aid your mind into a perfect state of clarity and combined with the audios, this amazing product will help you to jump straight into meditation without years of learning or reading books, again, used with other Self Technologies you will begin to notice just how much positive impact this little device can have on not only reducing your anxiety but improving your sense of clarity, focus and confidence!

The Procyon will merge into your life and I know you will absolutely love using it and this should be recognised as one of those must have weapons to your anti-anxiety arsenal!

These are available via Amazon so to find out more and check the current prices, click the button below!

Stay safe,

Kris Neale, DIP I CPH
Licensed NLP Practitioner
Founder – Self Technology Solutions


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