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Here at Self Technology Solutions it’s safe to say that we love to promote real products and solutions that work for people in the real world. If there is something that helps to reduce the symptoms of anxiety, it doesn’t cost the earth and it has no detrimental effects to the body, then we want to know about it!

The best CBD oil for anxiety is a not a myth, there are a wealthy of products on the market, but I believe I have certainly found a very strong contender!

What is CBD oil?

If you are not quite sure what CBD oil is, here is a very high level introduction. CBD or, Cannabidiol is one of the many attributes found within the cannabis plant. This CBD contains chemicals known as cannabinoids which connect to certain receptors found in our brains.

It is important to note that these chemicals do not produce the same effect as THC which is the compound which produces the well-known ‘high’ from cannabis.

There are many ways CBD is being manufactured, for example, creams, tablets, vape oil etc but the favourite seems to be the classic, bottled oil like many people are used to seeing with essential oils.

But can CBD work for reducing anxiety?

The thing about CBD oil is that it seems to be helping to alleviate anxiety (which is what we love!) but also, the overall health advantages gained from using it is outweighing many other natural Self Technologies on the market! The impact this natural product seems to be having is changing the way we think and feel about anxiety.

With over 400 compounds that make up CBD, it’s this connection between them that is producing significant healing benefits for so many sufferers, of many health issues worldwide.

Noting that only short term research has been compiled around CDB and its success on treating anxiety, many users have reported from mild, to a complete cure to their symptoms and in several forms of anxiety.

More research needs to be conducted but the signs are very positive, that using CBD for anxiety really can help and this shouldn’t be overlooked.

Are you interested in finding out more about the best CBD oil for anxiety? If so, click here!

CBD oil in the real world





I was having my usual sauna last Saturday morning and I couldn’t help but overhear a young guy, probably in his mid-twenties explaining to his friend how after suffering a shoulder injury playing sport that he’d used cbd oil for pain, he was incredibly surprised about the pain relief properties the oil provided, but not only this, he reported that his injury had healed so much quicker than it usually would and he was convinced it was down to the regular use of cbd oil!

More and more people are turning to CBD as a natural inflammation and pain relief supplement.

It’s not the first time I’ve heard wonder stories about this oil and it makes me wonder why the world hasn’t got behind this product and supported it, many years ago!

Mainstream science (the money makers) now even seem to be welcoming the anti-anxiety potential for cbd oil, particularly in patients who are looking for natural based treatments. I think this is a real positive move, so many people nowadays are looking to reduce the amount of chemicals they are using and find natural alternatives that can produce the same, if not better results than their medication.

I personally have found that making slight changes to your diet alone, can improve your state of mind significantly, please see here to find out more.

So how did it work for you, Kris?






I was actually recommended to try CBD oil by a friend who was already using it for anxiety, they wanted my opinion on it so I was happy to help out where I could. I’ll be honest, the first brand of product I tired I didn’t really notice much after using it for a couple of months so I wanted to conduct my own research to see if anyone at all was having success on the stress and anxiety front. And not only that, I wanted to find the best CBD oil for anxiety, that was readily available and ships worldwide!

I soon became overwhelmed as so many people were reporting such amazing things about this ‘wonder oil’. I wanted to know why I hadn’t been blown away by its calming producing properties but after I found out the company who manufactured the oil I was using were not using a full spectrum CBD but in fact an isolate, I decided to find my own brand and give the oil another chance.

Before moving on it’s worth noting that CBD isolate was until recently seen as the more potent of the two forms, but in 2015 this study, conducted by the Lautenberg Center for General Tumor Immunology in Jerusalem found the results in mice found more relief from the full spectrum CBD oil.

I am not for one moment suggesting that using isolate CBD isn’t a good idea, but like all solutions it’s finding the right one that is right for you.

Having spoken with some friends in the essential oil industry I was told of a great company producing many CBD products and the quality of the full spectrum was second to none! Naturally I had to give it a try.

If you’d like to know how I found the benefits from this oil, please see here.

Where can I find the best CBD oil for anxiety?

Having now tried CDB oil for anxiety, from varied suppliers, I’d like to recommend this 500mg of CDB hem oil. If you have read my post and you are wanting to purchase your bottle, please click the icon below.

With CBD oil now becoming such a good source of relief so many health conditions, you want to ensure you get a good product, good service and excellent results and I am happy to say I have had all three with this CDB hemp oil.

We’d love to hear how CBD oil is helping to improve your life, so please leave a comment and let’s get talking about this amazing, natural, Self Technology Solution!

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Stay safe,

Kris Neale, DIP I CPH
Licensed NLP Practitioner
Founder – Self Technology Solutions



4 thoughts on “Best CBD Oil for Anxiety – The Game Changer!

  1. Lucas says:

    Kris, great info on the oil. I would have never thought there were so many benefits to using this product. You have made me a believer, thanks!

  2. Hi Kris, I enjoyed reading about your personal experience with CBD oil. I’ve been hearing a lot about it lately as well and decided to try it, too. I honestly wasn’t sure how much to start with so I started out with a super low dose capsule form and am taking a slightly higher dose now but still as a capsule. I don’t want to mess with having to do drops. I have found that it helps a bit also with depression as well as anxiety. I just noticed that I’m not quite as edgy or quick to become overly sad. Thanks for your post and I look forward to hearing more from you. I’m going to bookmark your site 🙂

    • admin says:

      Hi Lynne, Thanks for your comment, really is appreciated. I can see the appeal from using the capsules, they really are a convenient way of using CBD especially when life gets in the way, with work, kids etc etc. The trick with CBD (and with all treatments) is finding that balance that works for you. Good luck and thanks once again! 🙂 Kris

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