Hemp Oil for Anxiety – It works, and works well!

In this article I would like to offer some feedback on something that I feel will soon become so mainstream and so beneficial to a lot of people that it could be a real life changer!

To note: this observation does not come from a medical professional, as I am not one, but I am someone who can resonate with the type of reader who is likely to be reading this post right now.

Someone who is looking to find some real relief from a daily, silent battle with something you cannot see or touch, but something that is very real and can be so haunting for so many of us, every single day we wake up on this huge spinning ball we like to call home!

Anxiety… Unlike a broken bone, is a condition you cannot simply show to your friends for all to see and sometimes it’s difficult to actually explain what it is or how it feels, but it’s there.

Maybe it will always be there, but there is something for anxiety that can provide a real sense of relief and like everything we strive for at Self Technology Solutions, it’s completely natural.

Hemp oil for anxiety is certainly paving the way for anxiety sufferers and although we talk a great deal about the ‘Synergy and Balance Design’ method at Self Technology Solutions when dealing with stress and anxiety, for some, a reputable hemp oil on its own can be all that’s required to decrease symptoms to a more than manageable level.

What is it and how does it work and does it even matter?

I could talk for hours about the chemical compounds found in these special oils and I could go into detail about receptors and the amount of Phytocannabinoids naturally found in hemp etc etc etc.

But to be perfectly honest, well for myself at least, all this scientific data and conclusions are irrelevant. If it is natural and it works, I want to try it.

I’ve tested my fair share of hemp oil products to try and hone in on the most effective oil for the anxiety sufferer. Although most of them offer good results, I did find one that I simply cannot do without, the calming nature and clarity over mind and body it promotes, in my opinion, is head and shoulders above competitors and as an added bonus, I’ve found it has helped so much in other aspects of my personal health, so it is also great as an all-rounder!

HB Naturals 500mg Herbal Drops

To reiterate and emphasise the context of this post, I’ve found a hemp oil for anxiety, that works! Each individual, of course, will need to use the product for a while to discover which dose is right for them, I find I if use 3-4 drops in the morning and the same again in the evening, this is more than enough to enjoy the advantages, of this amazing oil.

Remunerations vary from person to person but to give an idea of the value of these herbal drops, I can advise that I’ve found my ‘critical internal dialogue’ is significantly less critical and pessimistic than ever before. Instead, I receive a genuine calm, clear and positive feeling in my mind which is so nice to experience.

Tasks seem easier to accomplish due to not continually questioning my every decision and thought process, it is almost like I have the freedom to evaluate my mind to make, good informed, evidence-based choices.

HB Naturals herbal drops provide excellent anti-anxiety properties that once you have purchased and begun to see relief you’ll find this oil making changes to your overall health, physically and mentally.

I really do encourage anyone dealing with anxiety issues (as I was) to try HB Naturals herbal drops to uncover the benefits it can honestly provide your life.

The Self Technology Solutions Seal of Approval!

Here at Self Technology Solutions, we only promote reputable businesses with excellent customer service and core beliefs, both of which HB Naturals seem to do well in.

The oil was shipped and delivered within the expected time frame and the team at HB Naturals seem to offer quick, sound advice around any questions you may have.

More products seem to be available from HB Naturals and I’m looking forward to finding further methods to help others in finding the key to overcoming stress and anxiety by using these wonderful products.

Wow! How can I order some HB Naturals Herbal Drops?

To start beating stress and anxiety before it beats you click on the pic below to go straight to the website and order you HB Naturals herbal drops.

Click the image below to place your order!!

Lastly, we’d love to hear how HB Naturals Herbal Drops are improving your life, so please do contact us or leave comments to help build our community and awareness of how natural hemp oil for anxiety, can work, and work well!

Stay Safe,

Kris Neale, DIP I CPH
Licensed NLP Practitioner
Founder – Self Technology Solutions  








6 thoughts on “Hemp Oil for Anxiety – It works, and works well!

  1. Vicki Crawford says:

    I can’t wait until I am able to get these great products here in NZ as my wee dog needs some for her anxiety
    This is a great article and I wish you continued success i=with your business of helping people Kris

  2. admin says:

    Hi Vicki, thanks for your kind words, it is great to see hemp now being used to help anxiety, I also hear its doing wonders for pets too!


  3. Hi,
    I look at your site and it’s amazing. However, my daughter suffers anxiety and its so awful to watch her go through this.

    Now I hear many speculations of the hemp oil can do this can do that. Would I consider giving this to my child? She is 16 but is nearly 17 what do you think about this.

    I am not into Prozac or antidepressant to numb my child I want more than that. I am looking out to a more of a lenient method. However, I don’t want my daughter dumbed down what reassurance can you give me. I reside in the UK so these are readily available.

    What do you think I know you are not her doctor but I want an honest reply I have visited many sites does it help did help you did it help anyone. This is from a MOM who is looking for an alternative 🙂

    I like your site a lot.

    Regards Deborah.

    • admin says:

      Hi Deborah,

      Many thanks for your interest in the post and for your comment.

      Your concern around the use of hemp oil for children is not uncommon. Hemp, unfortunately has gained a poor reputation because of its relation to marijuana. The most important thing to understand here is that hemp is a different variety of the cannabis sativa species.

      Hemp oil, doesn’t contain the psychoactive compound ‘THC’ which produces the high feeling most people associate with marijuana use. The compound that is helping to reduce the symptoms of anxiety is ‘cannabidiol’ and it is the research into cannabidiol which is proving very positive, particularly with regards to anxiety.

      I am firm believer that pharmaceutical measures, such as those you described, have far more long-term detrimental effects to the mind and body in comparison to the use of hemp oil, which harbours no side effects whatsoever.

      So many of the population globally are finding relief from using hemp oil so in my honest opinion I would say absolutely suggest your daughter consider trying hemp oil for anxiety.

      Should you have further questions, please let me know and again, many thanks for your time.


    • admin says:

      Hi Deborah,
      Not a problem, I wish your daughter every success, it really is possible to see some excellent results for anxiety by combining various and easily obtainable, natural methods.
      All the best!

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