Magnesium for anxiety

Here at Self Technology Solutions, we have discovered that by using multiple natural methods, it is possible to see great reduction in your anxiety as a whole and sometimes find complete relief just by using a few products individually which when used together seem to create harmony between our minds and bodies and work in way that provides long-term, lasting relief.

To read more about the ‘Synergy and Balance Design’ see here.

What the big pharmaceutical companies do not want you to know is that relying on strong anti-anxiety medications that can produce awful side effects, is not the only way to treat anxiety. Personally, I always found pharmaceutical measures to do nothing more than promote anxiety and make me feel ill. That is not to say they do not work, but for me, I wanted more natural, healthy measures to curb my anxiety.

I’d like to talk about magnesium. Magnesium is something that when I added to my selection of anti-anxiety tools, really helped to reduce my symptoms, particularly around self-esteem and confidence. Anxiety has a way of making you doubt yourself, your capabilities and your long-term aspirations.

I’ve spent so much of my time talking to people about anxiety and sometimes when I hear of the symptoms people are experiencing with anxiety, I find it very easy to relate to as I’ve had all those similar problems in the past and I understand how crippling the condition can be.

A good friend of mine had been talking about magnesium for a while and how it managed to turn her son’s anxiety into confidence and this really got me interested in how magnesium, for anxiety works!

Before long and after a few weeks of using magnesium, there were some things I noticed that seemed to relate to what my friend had said. I was indeed feeling so much more confident in myself, my sleep improved and in turn, I was feeling so much more positive about myself and my anxiety.

I decided to delve a little further into how magnesium for anxiety works and was not really surprised to find magnesium being coined as ‘Nature’s Valium’ and ‘the ultimate chill’ and a huge point to take note of is how much our intake of magnesium has declined but yet the influx of anxiety is surging throughout the globe at an alarming rate!

I’ve also found that magnesium used via a spray is best due to the fact it’s absorbed into the body quicker than any other method, I had started to take magnesium in a powdered form but when I made the switch to a spray, that’s when you really do notice that positive effects it can have on your life.

We have taken a lot of the guesswork out of choosing magnesium to use and you’ll love discovering just what magnesium can do for you. The following two products we feel, are reasonably priced so have a look at the products below to start getting your consumption of magnesium back to where it should be!

As always, be sure to seek confirmation from your GP that you’re OK to be using magnesium products.

1. Pure Magnesium Oil – Seven Minerals

We always like companies which back up their claims with a 100% money back guarantee and this is one of those products which has that seal of approval. Made in US of A the Seven Minerals Pure Magnesium Oil even boats a ‘Magnesium Guide’ that is emailed to you post-purchase with tons of tips which ensure you can receive maximum benefit from the oil.

The magnesium is mined from a seabed in the southern United States which is 250 million years old, the magnesium is in its purest form and tested rigorously to ensure it is completely safe for human use

With Seven Minerals Pure Magnesium Oil, you can trust the quality, you are only getting the best of the best when it comes to magnesium and with so many positive testimonials and feedback around the products, it’s no wonder this product takes the No. 1 spot in our best magnesium oils list

2. Dead Sea Magnesium Oil – Magnum Solace

Now, we are know how beneficial the Dea Sea is, its salts have been clinically proven to aid many skin problems for the user. But more unheard-of is the health-promoting advantages of its magnesium and in the world of anxiety, that’s what is important to us here at Self Technology Solutions!

Magnum Solace prides itself on delivering a magnesium oil consisting of just three elements, purified water, magnesium chloride from the Dea Sea and naturally occurring trace minerals. Even just reading its ingredient list makes me feel relaxed and calm and as if I’m basking in the dead sea soaking in all its goodness!

The Dead Sea, positioned somewhere between Israel and Jordan if I’m correct has been rightly praised for the high salinity levels for thousands of years with many people making the journey solely to experience its therapeutic effects so it really is no wonder this magnesium oil is gaining traction within the natural health world.

First-time users are advised to use 5-10 sprays for general use with regular use being increased to 10-15 sprays, which is around the amount I personally use with my magnesium oil. We’d love to know how you’ve found Dead Sea Magnesium Oil beneficial for your symptoms so please don’t forget to post a comment!

Final thoughts

As with all solutions, products and techniques we like to discuss here at Self Technology Solutions, it is so important to realise that relief from anxiety really can be achieved and the hardest part in recovery is learning that things do not change overnight. If you are expecting to see huge results from using a magnesium spray overnight, you’re in for a big surprise but if you are willing to add one of the above sprays to other natural anxiety solutions and commit for the long term, then you will for sure note a reduction in your symptoms.

The above sprays we believe are some of the best available today, be sure to head over to Amazon for more information and please let us know your thoughts on the sprays and magnesium itself by leaving a comment below.

Many thanks for your time!

Stay safe,

Kris Neale, DIP I CPH
Licensed NLP Practitioner
Founder – Self Technology Solutions






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