Mild Anxiety Treatment

We recognise here at Self Technology Solutions that anxiety and stress, like other physical or mental health issues, come in a variety of forms, shapes and sizes. With this in mind, I’d like to bring to your attention, the topic of ‘Mild Anxiety’ and mild anxiety treatments.

I do like to reiterate throughout my writing that I am not a medical professional. Having said that I do feel like I have an excellent resume from an end user perspective, having had anxiety as my ex-best friend, for many, many moons!

I tend to understand the issues and complications its presence can manifest throughout life and if you should be reading this post as someone currently going through it, firstly, hats off to you, I know, it’s a bloody hard battle!

So having said the above why I am talking about mild anxiety, why not discuss crippling anxiety, the type that can bring the heaviest impact on sufferers lives? Well no doubt in another post I’ll address that issue too, but I do find it equally important, if not more so, to talk about mild anxiety issues as;

1. I believe the majority of people having anxiety fall into this category, so I am able to help and advise and get results for a wider range of people.

2. I am a firm believer that when you can stop anxiety at this less ‘intense’ stage, it’s much more likely to not impact other areas of your life or increase in severity.

Mild anxiety – Can we fix it?

The good news is that people with mild anxiety levels tend to find very good relief from a variety of natural remedy methods or Self Technologies as I like to call them, for more information on that definition, please see the ‘About Kris’ page.

If I were to pigeonhole myself at the peak of my anxiety career, I would have sat in the ‘moderate class of 98!’

The thing about anxiety is, is that it’s possibly in my humble opinion, the most invisible and complex mental health disorder ‘available’ on the market and certainly one where a GP signing off a prescription for medication seems to be the standard approach for many an “I don’t really understand it” general practitioner.

If by now, you’ve had a look at my story, it becomes clear that for me, taking countless meds and developing zombie-like side effects just wouldn’t cut it and I had to make a choice, I was either going to find some kind of answer myself, or just curl up in a ball and let the anxiety demon into my soul forever!

The former option was decided upon in the end and cutting a long story short, that brings me to this post right now.

Again, I believe that anxiety, as a whole and if its allowed, develops in strength and character until it’s challenged and that’s why people with mild anxiety, need to act and fast.

OK, I get it, so how can I tackle my mild anxiety head on?

My methodology behind anxiety whether it be mild, moderate or severe, is a simple yet effective model of reducing anxiety in three holistic modalities as shown below and (I believe) adequately titled as, the ‘Synergy and Balance Design’.

These modalities consist of:

  1. Energising the body
  2. Mind Remodeling
  3. Detoxifying the mind and body

Check out this page for more information on the Synergy and Balance Design!

It is by balancing treatments and using the most effective methods that work together, where it really is possible to see long-term results when looking to take charge and overcome anxiety.

As mentioned prior, if you are keen to use my model please see my other posts for further information but I would like to point you now, to a couple of tools which I have personally used which I feel the mild anxiety sufferer must have at their disposal.


A good CBD hemp oil for anxiety is one of my top go to products. The industry experts have done an excellent job with this product, I simply cannot recommend it enough, even for people without anxiety, the stats around the overall health benefits from CBD are compelling and there doesn’t seem to be any ailment this wonder oil cannot aid with.

The product I use daily is just perfect and I find that my mind is so much clearer and sharper when taking a few drops each morning.

The other reason I rate this oil so highly is that it has the ability, in my experience, to reduce that ‘internal dialogue’ of critical and negative thoughts, I have no idea how and why it works, but for me, after using for a couple of months, I just felt so much more positive and motivated throughout the day.

Again I think the most significant benefit I got from regular consumption, was a mental clarity and ability to take on anything the day was willing to throw at me!

Please feel free to read my product review here, I have also included a link to the product, I wholeheartedly recommend trying CBD hemp oil for anxiety.

Stay Safe,

Kris Neale, DIP I CPH
Licensed NLP Practitioner
Founder – Self Technology Solutions








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