Natural Anxiety Medication – 3 Steps that bring relief!

Here at Self Technology Solutions, we’d like to give you an overview of what approaches to anxiety can effectively work for you as a natural anxiety medication. More importantly, finding the synergy and balance from using various methods of relief is the best strategy when it comes to reducing stress and anxiety and enjoying life and reaching your true potential.

To infiltrate and manage stress and anxiety by using multiple means, we’ve narrowed down the major elements you need to attack into what we like to call the ‘Synergy and Balance Design’

This design involves looking at all aspects of our mind and body and approaching the healing process as one holistic approach but divided into the three elements below.

  1. Energising the body
  2. Mind Remodeling
  3. Detoxifying the mind and body

The above does not necessarily have to be accomplished in any order, but it is the alliance of all three that in itself becomes an effective natural anxiety medication.

1. Energising the body

Of course, we all know and are constantly told, that to promote feelings of happiness and reduce stress and anxiety, physical exercise is one of the first steps usually suggested by many ‘anxiety professionals’ and I agree, it’s very important. But it’s only part of the story.

Making other crucial but subtle changes can help to energise your body in the correct manner, this aids the bodies ability to make changes which also help our mental balance.

So much research is currently being looked at, for instance, the direct connection between our digestive system and the brain. So it’s vital to focus on fuelling our bodies with not only healthy foods but other sources of nutritional value. Let’s have a look at alternative but proven methods of energetic goodness!

Essential Oils

By energising the body with natural self technologies such as essential oils it is possible to see instant results. The abilities of these oils to relax the body and aid digestion is the secret behind their success. The calming and uplifting effects of essential oils can literally ease the body of hypertension and stress, with daily use and varied application methods, these oils are a fundamental part to battle anxiety symptoms.

Essential oils can be inhaled, taken orally or diffused, the effects vary by each method, but again, using all methods will only benefit, but make sure to use pure oils when purchasing.


CBD oil (Cannabidiol) is quickly becoming a major go-to product for anxiety sufferers. People with many other ailments are also finding benefit from this amazing oil.

Something to note with the use of CBD oil is that there are no side effects related to its use, therefore there isn’t any wonder why CBD is gaining a great reputation among the population.

Although CBD oil doesn’t have the nicest taste you might ever discover, but the clarity of mind and calming nature from this Self Technology dramatically outweighs the strange taste in the mouth.

Here at Self Technology Solutions, we are pleased to recognise CBD oils as an integral part of relief from anxiety and in its relatively short lifespan, CBD oil has already become a staple natural anxiety medication.

Himalayan Salt Lamps

The Himalayan salt lamp can be described simplistically as a carving of Himalayan salt which houses a bulb.

These lamps are available in many shapes and sizes and the reason they are being included at Self Technology Solutions is that these lamps release negative ions out into the air and it is these ions which is a catalyst for reducing stress and anxiety and aids in the promotion of deep sleep and the relaxation of muscles.

The more ions released, the more positive energy is received hence the reason we suggest bigger is better when it comes to the salt lamp purchase!

2. Mind remodelling

Think of this as making lasting changes within the fabric of your mind. Hypnotherapy and NLP are systems to do just that. With anxiety having the belief to accept that you can change the way you think can be quite daunting, nevertheless, it can be so liberating once the change has taken place and feelings of confidence and strength begin to surface.

Just as exercising our muscles helps them to improve and strengthen, the same is said for the way in which our minds mechanically operate.

At Self Technology Solutions we recommend using either hypnotherapy or NLP as a base treatment for mind remodelling used in conjunction with Reiki.


Hypnosis and hypnotherapy in the past gained a poor reputation in the realm of self-improvement and change work, until recently.

With the advent of the internet and ability to purchase downloadable and tailored hypnotherapy sessions, hypnotherapy is fast becoming an easy way to manage many mental health problems in the comfort of your own home, including stress and anxiety!

There is also a myriad of simple, yet effective tools to use ‘at that moment’ to reduce, alleviate and combat even the toughest of stress and anxiety scenarios and you do not have to be a spooky hypnotist or magician to find yourself quickly deploying these tactics in day to day life (when we need them the most!)

It’s important to note that hypnosis is not some form of mind control, in fact, you are actually at a heightened state of awareness when being treated with hypnotherapy, this is what actually allows the ‘change work’ to sink deep into the sub-conscious mind and work on the neuropathways (the parts that make up our behaviours and anxieties!) to make fundamental change happen

NLP Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Neuro-linguistic programming or NLP is a way of remodelling our minds, behaviours and habits extremely effectively.

The use of language and visual applications is a way of remapping how we think, feel and see in certain situations and scenarios. Often lifelong phobias can be removed in just one session with the use of NLP.

NLP’s co-founder Richard Bandler has implemented countless licensed training centres around the globe that teach its delegates the skills to improve their lives and the lives of others around them.

Due to the relaxing nature (see how being relaxed helps anxiety?) of NLP sessions, this is one of the reasons why the use of NLP can help to beat anxiety and one step further – become that more confident person that we all know we can be.

As with all recommendations here at Self Technology Solutions, treatment is completely safe yet very, very effective.


Reiki, is without a doubt, one of the most effective Self Technology Solutions available to serve in the battle against stress and anxiety. Reiki, or, ‘Universal Energy’ and pronounced as ‘Ray-Key’ is a healing therapy dating back all the way to the early 20th century, the founder being Mikao Usui hailing from Japan.

Treatments are given by the practitioner channelling universal energy down into the beneficiary and the exciting point to note here is that Reiki works on your mind, body, emotions and spirit, hence the result being a complete feeling of inner peace and tranquillity, mentally and physically.

The treatment itself is ultimately a very calming and relaxing experience and benefits are found immediately.

Again this treatment is safe, effective and essentially allows the recipient to heal oneself, making Reiki yet another, Self Technology!

3. Detoxifying mind and body

When we talk about detoxification, a classic analogy such as ‘the house’ is a good example to use.

When we build a house, over time, the house can become cluttered with lots of things that get in the way of the house functioning properly.

Old boxes that are constantly stacked in each room of the house can become a nightmare! Before long the effects of the clutter are too much for the rooms to cope with, the boxes begin to overspill out of the bedrooms into the hallways and up the stairways.

Now let’s look at our minds and bodies, working together as one happy mechanical engine.

The exact same thing can happen as with the house example, when we feel what we refer to as stress and anxiety, hormones are released into our bodies and as they build up and overspill such as in the house scenario, that’s when action is required to flush these toxins from the body!

The good news is that, using natural methods such as the traditional sauna, we are able to detoxify our ‘mechanical units’ to deliver and promote reduction in overall stress and anxiety symptoms, which we all need to do to achieve that sense of calm and freedom that is so crucial to living a life to strive and excel in.

Throughout this website, we’ll also be suggesting tried and tested methods to rid ourselves naturally of unwanted toxins.

We hope you may be beginning to grasp the concept and ideology around Self Technologies and we would like readers of the article to understand that there is an alternative to conventional medicine available that can provide fast and effective solutions to obstacles such as anxiety that so many people battle with on a daily basis.

Stay Safe,

Kris Neale, DIP I CPH
Licensed NLP Practitioner
Founder – Self Technology Solutions








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