Self Hypnosis for Anxiety

If I have been lucky enough that you have read other articles about my past issues with anxiety, then you’ll be aware that I found hypnosis (and for that matter, many other Self Technology Solutions) once I had overcome an eating disorder that I’d had for well over 20 years! And something that has aided my recovery from anxiety was the use of self hypnosis for anxiety!

It was only then, when I wanted to continue to overcome other personal problems in my life, namely anxiety, that I also found how using self hypnosis for anxiety can be an excellent tool to use regularly, to reduce the symptoms of anxiety (and stress for that matter!) that I had also been experiencing, for a long time.

As I’ve said many times before, in my experience, when it comes to anxiety, there just isn’t a solution that I have found to hit the switch and then ‘Boom!’ you have instantly solved your anxiety issues! It just doesn’t work like that.

Anxiety takes time to build up in your mind and body and it also takes time to reduce or remove it. But the good news is, it is possible.

Keeping the context related to this post, I want to talk about using hypnosis and self-hypnosis for anxiety and how it continues, even many years later to help keep anxiety down to a more than manageable level.

I have found using self-hypnosis audio sessions just as relaxing as if I were sitting in the hypnotherapist’s office, plus you have the bonus of choosing a time that suits you to enjoy, relax and let go of all the emotional baggage of the day and work on creating real change within your mind and how your mind goes about thinking about your anxiety symptoms.

The only real drawback, if it is a drawback, is ensuring you have some quiet time to yourself without you being interrupted.

How does self-hypnosis actually work?

I very much like Mark Tyrrell’s video below, which provides a good indicator of how hypnosis works and how fundamental ‘change’ can take place, take a look for yourself!

If you decide using self-hypnosis is for you, like me, once you start getting used to the routine of setting aside an hour per day, week or however regularly you plan to start using your self-hypnosis, it won’t be long and you’ll begin to look forward to the relaxation and peace that sessions bring. Self hypnosis for anxiety is something that you’ll find becomes so easy to do and so easy to fit into your lifestyle, once you know how!

As the induction (the part that guides you into hypnosis) gently eases you into a very relaxed state of mind and comfort, this is when we find our conscious mind, (or the part of the mind that is constantly ‘turned on’ and working for us), is allowed to take a step back and sit in the background, just temporarily.

This is when your unconscious mind, the part where every single memory you’ve ever had and the part where your personality and automatic behaviours are stored, is allowed to, in essence, learn from suggestions given to it directly, without the interference and distraction from the rational, conscious mind.

Specific and relevant suggestions which are communicated in ways the mind can ‘soak up’ are transferred to the recipient and then a technique called ‘future-pacing’ is used to embed these suggestions for the long term and it’s the repetition of this process using self-hypnosis that really help to cement this new pattern within the fabric of your mind!

It sounds completely spooky and out-there, but to put it simply, the area of your brain which allows for learning, is exposed and is taught a new way of thinking and this is why long-term change can happen very, very quickly!

This sounds great, but when will I see RESULTS?!?!

It is very exciting when you discover that, there are in fact many simple and easy ways to manage, reduce and eradicate anxiety from your life. It goes without saying that now you’re deciding to wonder about self hypnosis for anxiety and what it can help you to achieve in all areas of your life, you’ll want to know when you’re going to see results!

Well for me, it took a few weeks after seeing the hypnotist that my life began to improve significantly, but what I found was by also using self hypnosis not only did it help to enhance the sessions I’d already had, but other issues I was dealing with seemed to not be causing me so much anxiety anymore.

The more I used the audios, the greater the success was, it really was as simple as that! I continued to use self-hypnosis and other Self Technologies to reduce anxiety from my mind and body, of course, I still have days when I am anxious, but the severity is far less and I am able to control how my mind and body react when I am faced with anxiety triggering situations!

Like all methods we talk about here at Self Technology Solutions, It’s finding the synergy and balance between them that really helps to tame this invisible demon, anxiety.

See here for another natural solution article that is an excellent tool to use in the battle with anxiety!

Now I’ve heard many people say that self hypnosis for anxiety doesn’t work, it’s a scam, it’s this, it’s that, but the vast majority of users reporting this haven’t given the hypnosis a chance to implant in their unconscious minds. Simply using an audio once (which may very well work!) and giving up after one or two sessions, isn’t giving it a fair go.

Like with many other learnings in life, having some dedication and patience is key to finding success. If you’re not prepared to put in some work, then maybe your anxiety isn’t as bad as you initially thought?

I too, had similar reservations and I remember feeling like there was no end to my struggle, but I continued anyway and before long I was starting to see the relief I was so keen to find.

So my final thought regarding results is this, the more patient and willing you are to let self-hypnosis work for you, the quicker and stronger your success will be. Take some time, actually enjoy the sessions, making them part of your relaxation process in itself helps to curb anxiety, at least in the short term while your not concentrating on symptoms.

If you take these steps, I have no doubt, you’ll begin to notice how powerful and benefical, self hypnosis for anxiety can be!

Is self hypnosis for anxiety safe?

Anything we at Self Technology Solutions, promote, suggest or recommend will always be 100% safe for use.

One of the fundamental reasons I began looking at the treatment of anxiety, was to find something that wasn’t pharmaceutically based.

Since learning the mechanisms and processes behind hypnosis, you can rest assured that self-hypnosis is 100% safe as long as you are responsible. For example, you wouldn’t want to be using your self-hypnosis audio whilst driving your car! It’s these common-sense approaches to all modalities of hypnosis that keeps you safe when using it.

Where can I purchase self-hypnosis sessions?

With so many hypnosis downloads available it’s important to make sure the company you deal with are a reputable brand, to take this guess-work and effort from that process, we’ve handpicked, high quality and anxiety relevant hypnosis audios, as these are paramount and of interest to clients here at Self Technology Solutions

By purchasing all three of the below is again, tackling anxiety head-on in multiple forms, is by far the best approach to succeed and beginning to let hypnosis do the work for you, this will aid in your overall benefit from the treatment itself.

I’d also recommend becoming a member and sharing your experiences with self-hypnosis as I did, that way you can really communicate with others and you’ll find developing your interest in hypnosis goes a long way in understanding the goals it can help you to achieve in your life.

Remember – This is the first step in helping to create the life you want!

1. Instant Generalised Anxiety Treatment

2. Overcoming Anticipatory Anxiety

3. Overcoming Fear and Anxiety

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We would really like to hear how self hypnosis for anxiety has improved your life, particularly in the management of anxiety and the more we can spread the word around the benefits of this treatment, the quicker fellow sufferers will have the chance to use an alternative method in their search for relief!

Please feel free to reach out to myself directly if you’d like any further information or guidance around the topic, I am always happy and willing to talk anxiety, it’s something I’ve come to know a great deal about and can really resonate with people finding themselves stuck and looking for some help, so again, please do not hesitate to contact me, should this be the case.

Many thanks for your time and stay tuned for more articles from us at Self Technology Solutions!

Stay Safe,

Kris Neale, DIP I CPH
Licensed NLP Practitioner
Founder – Self Technology Solutions












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