Hypnosis for Anxiety – why it WORKS!

My interest with Self Technologies (that work) all started with hypnosis. I became fascinated with it since as a child and practising as a hobbyist magician from a young age, it forever baffled me how the hypnotist made all those people do these crazy things on stage!

It wasn’t until I had used hypnotherapy to conquer an eating disorder that I’d had for well over 20 years that I realised just how powerful using hypnosis could be.

My eating disorder had a massive impact on my life and I had concluded that it was just something that I was never going to beat, it was actually my mum who suggested to me that I should see a ‘Hypnotherapist’. That was one of the best decisions in my life, I have ever made!

Many moons later still being in awe around how much my life had changed, I wanted to help people and it was apparent that people could, in fact, use self hypnosis for anxiety to conquer their fears, as I had done, more on that later but for now let’s head back to my story…..

Wow – a new ME!

I remember seeing the hypnotherapist over the period of a couple of weeks, I cannot be entirely sure and to be honest, the change wasn’t instantaneous for me, it came several weeks later when I decided to eat something I’d never been brave enough to try before, completely out of the blue, it was the most wonderful feeling ever!

That’s when the magic happened, within days I was trying all kinds of foods that had frightened me for years and I started to introduce a completely new diet to what I was accustomed to, which was basically not much!

My passion for food grew from strength to strength and I became interested in cooking and my social anxiety around food was non-existent, therefore my social calendar went through the roof and I couldn’t believe all I had missed out on in the past.

My wife, Lindsay, was so helpful throughout my journey with discovering good, healthy foods and it was also with her support I was able to change my life, I am so grateful to her, for being there for me through everything!

It’s so important to have a good network of support when dealing with hardship of any kind, I encourage the reader to really identify and confide in your loved ones, they sometimes can offer words of comfort, which are so invaluable when moving forward with your life.

So when people ask me the question, “does hypnosis work for anxiety” I always answer with a resounding YES! It can 100% work for anxiety and with the success of collaboration via the internet it’s so easy to use hypnotherapy in different ways and from the comfort of your own home.

If you have access to the internet, a quiet space for an hour or so, you can definitely utilise this Self Technology Solution to overcome your anxiety, for that matter, hypnotherapy can be used to treat many conditions such as:



Eating Disorders



Anxiety and Panic attacks

weight loss



The list goes on and on, and on…

Why stop with one anxiety?

If you’ve read the ‘About Kris’ section of Self Technology Solutions, you’ll be aware that on top of my eating disorder, I battled with anxiety for many, many years and due to the fact that anxiety is a complex condition it can take various methods to reach a level of anxiety that can easily be managed.

In my experience, using hypnosis for anxiety significantly helped to reduce my level of anxiety, it didn’t eradicate it, but a massive part of it was gone and what I’ve found is, by using the Synergy and Balance Design method  there are ways to use different natural remedies to beat anxiety and stress-related conditions, it is this ‘Synergy’ effect that I’ve found seems to holistically attack anxiety from the outside in, creating a calmer, clearer state of mind, long-term.

In some cases, by using hypnotherapy, it can simply be removed altogether, success will vary from person to person but it’s due to my success and interest in hypnosis
that I cannot recommend trying hypnosis and self hypnosis for anxiety enough.

How does hypnotherapy work?

Hypnotherapy works but allowing us to enter a heightened state of awareness……but… “hold on”, I hear you say, “Aren’t you supposed to drop off into some out there state of trance?”

Well yes, you do go into a trance-like ‘state’, but being in a state of hypnosis means you are actually in a more alert state than your everyday day waking state, otherwise you’d be asleep in your session and there would be no way of making significant changes that remain with you for good.

What happens to our minds when working with hypnosis is that our conscious mind, (the part we use to make choices, play sport, help us to the office every day) in essence, moves over and allows the hypnotist to connect with the unconscious mind.

This part of your mind is where we find the real you, where your emotions are, your fears are, every single memory you have ever had is stored here and once this part of the mind is ‘exposed’ a great deal of long-term, change work, is able to begin! (How exciting is that!?)

My final thoughts?

Using hypnosis as a Self Technology Solution to combat anxiety can really be effective and get you on your way to finding some respite and reduction in your symptoms.

Please feel free to contact me at Self Technology Solutions via my email address below for any further information around using hypnosis to reduce anxiety or to discuss a free consultation.

Hypnosis can essentially, clear out the cluttered house in your mind and free you from so many obstacles that may have been holding you back for so long. I hope the post was useful and again, please do not hesitate to contact us for more info.

Stay Safe,

Kris Neale, DIP I CPH
Licensed NLP Practitioner
Founder – Self Technology Solutions  









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