Social Anxiety Disorder – a NEW approach

Have you ever wondered how good it would be to let go from the social anxiety disorder? Do you wonder what having more confidence and charisma would look like? If this sounds like how you want to feel, read on, I introduce to you, The Social Reprogramming Method!

Having not tested this product myself, I cannot give my own personal feedback, but I’ve spoken with handfuls of Reiki clients who have tried the ‘Social Reprogramming method’ for themselves and have had some
great success in a very short amount of time when it comes to tackling their social anxiety disorder. I always say if a solution has worked and worked well for one person, then it can work for others!

I interviewed one particular client who found what he believes to be, ‘monumental change’ in his anxiety by using this technique, which for the cost, seems like some HUGE success!

The product comes advertised with some bold claims and I am always slightly sceptical of these types of statements, HOWEVER, having had huge success myself with similar techniques I can absolutely 100% relate to using alternative methods that work to strengthen and create, new neuro-pathways that bypass a lot of our ‘leanred’ anxious behaviours! And don’t forget, this product comes with a 100% money back guarantee,
should you not be satisfied, can’t say fairer than that!

One the things mentioned by pretty much all the clients I had spoken to about the social reprogramming method is that (like with all self technology solutions) is that you MUST commit to the process, no cutting
corners here, but the relief that can be found with this method can be very significant, it’s worth fighting for.

My interviewee informed me that some of the work found throughout the course could be considered bizarre, but like with the use of NLP and hypnosis, sometimes when the conscious mind is busy, the unconcious mind can be accessed very easily indeed and this is where the long term change work can really happen!

I know from my own personal experience that once that magic moment happens (for me is was overcoming an eating disorder, then massively reducing my anxiety!) the success in other areas of your life seem to snowball and all of a sudden, you will look back and think “WOW, I cannot believe how far I have come!” That is more than possible, because I have achieved it myself and you can also enjoy that feeling, if you commit!

How does the course work?

The approach the course is a ten week timeframe and in that time, you will be able to release some of the critical negative thinking that we all suffer with anxiety and particularly with social anxiety!

divided into three sections;

  • The first focusses on the symptoms of your social anxiety disorder and how you can switch them off, hence really getting into the issues from the start
  • The second dedicated to eliminating the fear associated with other people and social situtations that would previously trigger anxiety! (WOW!)
  • The third section I am told is where you start to embed a new found self confidence into yourself to further the feelings of control and charisma

Also included which I know you’ll enjoy using is the ‘Demonic Change’ and ‘History Change’ audios, click  here to learn more!

My reiki client who had the success with the product began detaiing all the types of things that soon became second nature! “It was like I got another boost of confidence after each session” he noted with wild eyes, “yeah, you have to keep at it, but it’s so worth it, in the end, I literally feel so much better now than I did before” he followed.

The thing you will love with the ‘Social Reprogramming Method’ is how easily it fits into your daily routine, no expsensive sessions with a therapist, I am a big supporter of solutions that are for real people in the real world and this is definitely one of them!

Final thoughts

Social anxiety disorder is one of those conditions where the knock-on effect can lower your quality of life and self-esteem. Avoiding situations where others just seem so confident and having the ability to be proud of yourself I’m told by my client is one of the areas he has found most beneficial.

“I dont know, I just don’t feel the need to stand at the back of the crowd anymore, I actually enjoy coversations and I’m forever smiling, it really is just crazy!” was another statement he was so proud to inform me of.

If you are suffering from social anxiety disorder, from what I’ve heard the ‘Socal Reprogramming Method’ is something you should consider, you’ll enjoy how easy the system is to use and be looking forward to some fantastic results.

The money back gurantee is your insurance policy with this product and to learn more about how you can reduce your social anxiety, click the link below!

Stay safe,

Kris Neale, DIP I CPH
Licensed NLP Practitioner
Founder – Self Technology Solutions












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