The Portable Home Sauna – Our best picks!

home sauna 1This article will give you the best knowledge in choosing a home sauna that is right for you and your budget.

Whether you need a portable or established sauna, we will guide you quickly but thoroughly through the best home saunas that 2019 has to offer!

We have taken the hard work out of deciding between hundreds of products available saving your time and effort, trusted advice and product reviews is all here, on one page. So if you’re asking the question, what is the best-infrared sauna to buy?”  you have stumbled on the best page to find out!

There are many home sauna kit reviewers out there, with pages and pages of information that just sometimes simply confuses the process, if you want quick and concise information, you really need to look no further, we bring you the best on the market, allowing you to make your informed decision and purchase your terrific detoxifier TODAY!

The secret in sauna health benefits have been hidden for too long and in purchasing your home sauna, you’ll not only reap longevity of mental and physical health but save a small fortune on costly memberships and enjoy the convenience of a sauna, in your own home!

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Far Infrared Saunas – Why are they so good for us?

The first stat is quite astonishing, people who take just two saunas a week reduce their risk of cold and influenza by over 65%

But it doesn’t stop there, recent studies reveal that just a half-hour infrared sauna session has the ability to shed toxins stored in fats throughout the body six times that of exercise or the use of a traditional sauna. Toxins and heavy metals found in the body can have detrimental effects on our overall health, including mental health, that’s why we are so keen to promote regular use of the infrared sauna.

There are so many positive uses of regular infrared sauna use, take a look below;

  • controls weight by purifying fat cells in the body
  • An excellent method of burning calories (up to 600 in just one session)
  • Detoxifies heavy metals, hydrocarbon residues, alcohol, nicotine, sodium and cholesterol
  • Improves the cardiovascular system by deep far Infrared penetration
  • Effective for treating sports injuries
  • Relieves aches and pains
  • Improves and clears cellulite
  • Improves the skin’s tone as well as complexion
  • Sharpens senses and relieves stress and fatigue
  • Stimulates endorphins of the brain and ‘feel good’ hormones – reducing anxiety
  • Improves your immune system and kills organisms like bacteria and parasites
  • Increases overall health and resistance to disease

So isn’t the above what we would all to introduce to our lives? Myself personally, I have found using portable home saunas an absolute first line of defence in feeling better and healthier and with emerging technology allowing us to treat ourselves in our own homes and saving money on costly membership, a win-win situation!

Let’s not waste any more time and get stuck into our best-infrared saunas for your pleasure of 2019!.

1. The Relax Sauna – Far Infrared Sauna

We believe it’s always best to start with the best of the best and this is it, the ‘Relax’ portable, or home sauna really is the benchmark in the industry, with literally thousands of people finding HUGE benefit from using the product regularly. If you are looking for the convenience of a portable that you can take anywhere but do not want to compromise in quality, then look no further than the Relax sauna! best home sauna

Its infrared emitting ceramic elements, which is a patented technology and the most advanced out there for any portable home sauna will bring you the most soothing, relaxing and beneficial sauna experience that money can buy. The 100% absorb-able infrared energy delivered by the ‘Relax’ is what puts it above the rest and no other portable home sauna can boast or deliver such claims.

This is one of those products which easily fits into the busy lifestyle by taking half the time of conventional saunas, you can receive treatment in all of just 20 minutes!

It packs small but produces big and the below summarises the magnitude of the health benefits you can be enjoying;

  • Improved circulation in the body
  • Significantly reducing anxiety and stress with regular use
  • Weight loss – You could be burning over 600 calories per session!
  • Anti-ageing properties
  • Detoxification of harmful heavy metals from the body
  • Quick – Heats up in 20 seconds
  • Easy to maintain – Self cleans in 5 minutes
  • Space-saving – breaks down in less than 5 minutes
  • Time-saving – Complete sweat session in only 20 minutes sauna
  • Reduce blood pressure
  • Oxygenate your blood – Reduces blood clots and plaque formation, also fights infection
  • Pain relief

If you are looking for the best in the business, look no further, than the Relax!



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2. Tourmaline Infrared Cabin – Heat Cabin ‘Deluxe’

This is an absolute cracking product from Chi-Enterprise, designed solely to provide the best healing properties to the lifestyle which craves convenience. Packed with accessories, you’ll simply love the ease of use and benefit that this sauna supplies. 

Home Sauna 3Some say it’s the tourmaline stone that is fundamental in not only eliminating toxic metals but promoting detoxification of the body, improving circulation and supporting the liver and kidneys in repair. With so many health benefits to the Heat Cabin Deluxe, it’s no wonder it is receiving such excellent feedback from users!

The deluxe features a 1000w power output with a temperature setting of 35-75 degrees Celsius and once assembled has dimensions of just H107 x W80 x L97cm so its ability to be used in the living or spare room and even when away from home is second to none!

Here at ‘Self Technology Solutions’, we are big on any product that can reduce anxiety, naturally. The Heat Cabin Deluxe does just that, the tourmaline stone, used for thousands of years has proven experience in removing negative energies from its use by the use of its soothing and warming effect. This truly is the anxious person’s dream and being able to treat yourself in the privacy of your own home, is comforting in itself!

Just take a look at the host of accessories that are supplied upon purchase;

  • Heated floor pad
  • Remote control
  • Sauna camping chair
  • Additional element
  • Foot massager
  • Transportation carrier
  • Heat cabin with four infrared panels


3. SaunaMed 1 Person Classic Hemlock FAR Infrared Sauna EMR Neutral™

We simply had to include the SaunaMed 1 in our list of the best home saunas as this (more expensive) option guarantees the ultimate in sauna experience! Home Sauna 2

Made from only the finest grade A non-allergenic/non-toxic Canadian hemlock and boasting an incredible 1400w system, this is surely the sauna to be proud of and your social calendar is likely to increase with friends and family wanting to come over to experience the most wonderous home sauna treatment.

The sauna comfortably houses two people, so there is plenty of time to relax with your significant other whilst enjoying a book (with the convenience of the included reading light) or even listening to your favourite music with a top spec MP3/AM/FM stereo complete with TEAC speakers, WOW! You can even connect your iPod to this beast, you’ll never want to leave!

The audio although a great addition, but what we consider the best feature to the 1 person Classic is the included Aromatherapy dispenser! This is where this product comes into its own, many studies have shown how essential oils can massively reduce stress and anxiety symptoms and when used in conjunction with an infrared sauna, this produces an overwhelming sense of relaxation and calmness.

Imagine how you’ll feel while soothing in the sauna whilst diffusing some lavender essential oil! Paradise!


Let’s get into the nitty-gritty, the 1 person classic includes 4 x DuraWave elements,  is EMR Neutral, 100% pure FAR infrared ceramic. If you are serious about your sauna and looking for quality, you simply must consider the SaunaMed 1 Person!

The reason we love this product so much is the quality of not only the cabin but the technology that makes the magic happen. The DuraWave heaters are 100% pure ceramic that also use lava sand to provide the best heat distribution and what’s more, no harmful toxins or chemicals are produced.

Here at ‘Self Technology Solutions’ natural and beneficial products are all we have an interest in,, that is our fundamental rule when reviewing products, we cannot stress that enough!

Not only does this product deliver top-quality health benefits, but it’s also packed with features and can be run simply by plugging into a wall socket. This sauna is handcrafted to the highest standard and is double wall interlocked with a cavity to keep all the warm soothing goodness inside the cabin!

And that’s not all, you also receive the below with your home sauna kit;

Air oxygen ioniser system
Internal drinks holder
Reading light
Comfortable ergonomic backrest
Tools and all parts included for assembly 
Lengthy 3m power cable 
User and Troubleshooting guide
Adjustable air vent


The 1 person Classic, although capable of two-person treatments, doesn’t encroach on space! Dimensions are;Home Sauna 6

  • H 1900cm
  • W  900cm
  • D   900cm

The ease of delivery and setup puts your mind at ease when purchasing as the complete troubleshooting guide really takes any stress from installing this marvel into your home!

Well, there you have it, perhaps the star of our list! We hope you enjoy using and would love to hear from you around your success with the 1 Person Classic!


4. Firzone Portable Infrared Sauna Tourmaline Pro

This Firzone Tourmaline Pro is a sauna for you if the quality is a concern, with a 12-month warranty as standard, Firzone is a reputable brand in the business so you can rest assured you’re safe with Firzone!
Home Sauna 7
This awesome sauna consists of four heating panels as well as a heated footrest for extra treatment and relaxation. The ceramic fan for this cabin is located underneath comfy chair for extra space. Quickly heating up to your preferred temperature is a breeze.

The Firzone portable is capable of reaching a greater temperature that many of its competitors due to the panels high FIR radiance from its carbon fibre heating elements! This sauna is perfect for home use with the below dimensions;

  • H 103 cm
  • L     80 cm
  • W  84 cm

We think this size infrared portable sauna is perfect for people who prefer a little bit of extra space when receiving treatment, it comes complete with far infrared footrest and folds up for that convenient method of storage. Unlike many other home portable saunas on the market, there are no synthetics involved which is ideal for users who have a sensitivity or allergies to heated plastics!

Fir actually stands for ‘Far Infrared Ray’ and as well all know, light is essential for all life and it’s only in recent decades we’ve discovered just how beneficial it can be when it comes to human health and one of the main reasons why people these days are opting for saunas that use FIR is that is provided so much more energising properties and is able to penetrate so much further than the use of the traditional sauna.Home Sauna 8

Functions and Features

  • Carbon fibre heating panels
  • Heated footrest
  • quick fold sauna chair
  • Quickly heats up to 55c
  • Economic power usage – 1000w input
  • Easy storage
  • Digital control for optimum session time and heat adjustment 
  • Foam floor mat



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