Weighted Blankets for Adults

I hadn’t heard too much about the weighted blanket until a report on the television news got me thinking about them. I was told prior to the news report about the benefits for children, but after watching the report, I wanted to know if weighted blankets for adults would really help to reduce stress and anxiety.

It didn’t take long to find out that these really can work!

You may have understood about me by now (if you’ve read my other posts!) is that as someone who suffered at the grips of anxiety for a very long time, I am only interested in solutions that work for everyday people in the real world!

Jargon and technical waffle although interesting, do not ease anxiety, so only if good numbers are genuinely confirming success with something, so I tend to become interested in a product or technique.

Although I haven’t tested all the products in this review and the ones I have I’d rather not be biased towards, I have gathered as much feedback and information as I can, I feel now I am able to help the reader in having an informed decision before parting with hard earned cash!

I will also be basing my advice as an (almost) middle-aged man of average height and weight so please also be mindful of this when you are making your choice of blanket.

Why is sleep important in reducing anxiety?

One of the reasons I believe that weighted blankets are quickly becoming very successful for anxiety is that they seem to help to combat common symptoms that go hand in hand with anxiety such as insomnia, restless sleep, fatigue etc.

There is an abundance of information out there that seems to be supporting the idea that one of the first steps to overcome anxiety is by ensuring our quality of sleep is sufficient.

I remember seeing my hypnotherapist and chatting about how I was suffering from anxiety and one of the things I was told that in order for my mind to recover from being bombarded during the day, was that it was essential that I managed to switch off and get several hours good sleep.

Now as mentioned above I always try not to delve too much into the technical aspects of solutions I recommend because I know people likely to be reading this post right now just want to know if it will work for them, rightly so! But what I will say is that we are now hearing that all most every part of our well being is influenced by our sleep patterns and quality of sleep.

The fundamental to understand here is that sleep provides our brains and the neurons within the protein it needs to repair itself from the trauma that stress and anxiety can impact it with. This is why it is so important to implement a regular, good sleep pattern so that this work can go on behind the scenes and this is where the weighted blanket comes into its own.

It is thought that globally less than half of us are getting this adequate sleep that is required for the above repairing process to take place, so this really is what you could call a global epidemic.

Some of my friends take a complete reverse stance that they “can survive on 5 hours of sleep“, now this kind of approach to sleep has to be looked at as the truth is that although they might well be having 5 hours of sleep per night, but, their ability to function throughout the day is more than likely to be very much distorted and I doubt they are operating at an ‘optimum level’ and I am talking about people here that do not even suffer from anxiety!

They will often say also they can fall asleep within minutes of getting into bed, which from my experience is also a bad sign, this is actually linked to not getting enough sleep. So it really is time we all begin to look at our snooze time, especially for the anxiety and stress sufferer, and this is where weighted blankets for adults can really raise the bar in finding that crucial quality and quality of sleep, we all need!

So how can a weighted blanket help my anxiety?

As someone who practices Reiki on a regular basis, I understand how the effect of ‘grounding’ works on an anxiety-reducing basis, it really is a way of connecting to the earth and becoming centred with your mind and body.

It’s this connection that helps with feeling more at ease and it’s something I like to teach everyone who wants to learn more about Reiki.

This ties in with the weighted blanket as another way of feeling grounded is by the use of pressure being placed all over the body and this close nature of the blanket from the weight is what helps to produce oxytocin which in turn promotes the reduction in blood pressure and keeps the heart under control.

The above process which is provided to the body is what allows it to relax and become calm, sounds so lovely, doesn’t it?!

Again, it’s this pressure the weighted blanket provides which releases that feel good chemical we all hear so much about, serotonin which is so important in the reduction of stress and making us feel fantastic! So the scientific stuff is quite relevant and important to understand here.

Weighted blankets for adults – which one?

There is a wealth of weighted blankets for adults now on the market as their success with anxiety and other disorders continue to grow. There are a couple I usually suggest and we’ll look at these now.

1. The Gravity Blanket

  • Price – 134.99 GBP
  • Size – 48″ x 72″
  • Weight – 12kg
  • Available from – Amazon
  • Machine washable – Yes

In my humble opinion, this is the best all-around blanket available to buy. OK it’s not the cheapest around but I am a firm believer in quality and this weighted blanket is hard to beat in craftsmanship, they are made in Poland and the glass hypoallergenic beads are produced in such as way that they do not escape from the interior of the blanket.

It is worth pointing out that the Gravity Blanket is not enormous in its size so perfect is using to treat yourself only. If you are looking for a blanket suitable for two, it is probably worth looking at other product options.

Real quality and designed to help with numerous mental health issues and that is what we really strive for at Self Technology Solutions, a break from anxiety, so don’t delay buy yours today!

2. YnM Weighted Blanket

  • Price – 250.00 GBP
  • Size 48″x 72″
  • Weight – 11.3kg
  • Available from – Amazon
  • Machine washable – Yes

I’ve spoken with a couple of fellow Reiki practitioners who are so impressed with this one they have even thought about using them with clients! 100% cotton and well made and another blanket using glass beads there’s no wonder this weighted blanket for adults, is a big seller.

One of the key points with the YnM is its effect in keeping the user cool, this is fundamentally important if you are a night sweater for example. The general feedback is that sleep seems to be much better after regular use with the blanket.

Again the benefits for the anxiety sufferer from weighted blankets for adults are very positive and the YnM seems to aid in providing that calm relief and a good nights rest that is so crucial in recharging our minds and bodies.

It shares the same dimensions as the gravity blanket so not the biggest of the bunch but if that isn’t too important for you, we’d definitely suggest you look into purchasing the weighted blanket from YnM.

Yet another natural Self Technology Solution at your disposal. Weighted blankets for adults, work and well if you give them some time and trust…

Whichever blanket you choose please let us know how it has helped you with anxiety and sleep issues, I’d love to see more people made aware of these products since real people in the real world are finding that regular use is helping them to reduce their overall anxiety to manageable levels which is a real win-win result.



Stay Safe,

Kris Neale, DIP I CPH
Licensed NLP Practitioner
Founder – Self Technology Solutions  












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