Seasonal Affective Disorder Lamp

I’d like to spend some time talking about Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD as it’s otherwise known. An effective treatment for SAD is now becoming mainstream in the form of ‘Light Therapy’.

Before we discuss what lamp for seasonal affective disorder works best, I’d like to give you a brief overview of what SAD actually is and how it can relate to other sensations of anxiety.

Now Seasonal Effective Disorder is actually a kind of depression but the impact it can have on sufferers also can bring on symptoms on anxiety in the form of withdrawal, agitation and general anxiety.

Another point worth mentioning here and it’s something that we here at Self Technologies Solutions are huge advocates of is sleep, and good quality decent amounts of it!

The relationship sleep has not only with SAD but anxiety musn’t be overlooked here. There are many similarities found between SAD and insomnia too so it may be worth checking with your regular GP to ensure you have a correct diagnosis!

I personally am a firm believer in natural therapies for anxiety and anxiety provoking health issues are best treated with natural measures, the fewer chemicals we ingest, the better the results and the healthier we will become. This was certainly the case for myself and many other fellow anxiety sufferers I have consulted with.

If you’d like to read more information about SAD, I found a great article that’s easy to read and understand, it can be found here

Valkee 2 New Generation Bright Light Therapy Headset

With the above said, let’s look at this product which I’ve heard good solid feedback around and it’s a product that has that ability to fit in with your life and not the other way round!

One of the big talking points for consumers of the Valkee 2 is to fit in with your busy lifestyle, you only need to use it for 12 minutes per session through the autumn and winter, which we feel is an excellent method to rid yourself of those winter blue feelings which SAD is so connected with

To eradicate SAD the Valkee 2 houses at 10,000 lux light beam, many users notice improving levels of energy, mood and self-esteem even after just a couple of weeks of regular use.

Let’s have a look at the Valkee 2s main features

  • Small and compact, no bulky heavy unit weighing you down – (75 x 36 x 9mm)
  • Works for you not against you – 12-minute sessions per day
  • White 10,000 lux light, peak 450 nm (blue)
  • Excellent Feedback – 87% recommend rate
  • Multi earbud fitting sizes

You’ll certainly love the simplicity when using the Valkee 2, the fact you are not confined to your chair for some, is a game changer when it comes to light therapy and because the unit is so compact it really does give you that sense of freedom to roam about your business while receiving treatment.

Transcranial bright light treatment is a new and developing therapy that is providing some very promising results within the SAD community. Yes, you’ll have the sceptics but these are usually mental health professionals who haven’t taken the time to look at results and advise patients try to this new method out for themselves.

Sufferers from SAD often report of low mood and a fundamental change in their personality type as a result of the disorder. The good news is that this portable device is able to change how you’re feeling and it is with the uplift in your mood that you’ll also soon notice the ‘Old-You’ is back. With is two-week rechargeable power mechanism you’ll never have to worry about being without your Valkee 2, there is simply so much to say about this product, the success speaks for itself!

Tested and validated via clinical tests and backed by five-year market safety record. Very mild side effects sometimes reported and typical of this kind of device such as a mild headache which can typically be avoided by changing session times. The Valkee 2 do not in any way irritate the eyes.

Please note, the Valkee 2 is not suitable for children under 14 years. Use with adult supervision.

We’d love to know how light therapy is helping you to manage your SAD symptoms, leave us a comment below or contact directly as we’d love to hear about your experiences.

Stay safe,

Kris Neale, DIP I CPH
Licensed NLP Practitioner
Founder – Self Technology Solutions

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